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Jan 24 2016

Country Songwriter Sheri Lynn on Truly Knowing Who To Trust

Jan 21 2016

Sheri was a finalist in the Great American Song Contest 2014, for her song “Songs of Yesterday”, produced by ParamountSong in Nashville, TN.





Jan 20 2016

When you go to this link you will need to fast forward to around the 30 minute mark to hear the interview with Sheri Lynn

 Live Interview with Avalive Radio

Listen to Sheri Lynn’s live interview with Jacqueline Jax who mentions Webhost Magazine during the interview.. Thank you Sheri Lynn​

“Song Plays over 10,000!” 

Jan 16/2016 After being on Reverbnation for 10 months now, today my song plays have reached over 10,000!  Thank you to all who have taken the time to listen and continue on supporting my music!

Jan 11/2016 Posted a new song “Keeper of my Dreams” (male vocals) so now have this song with a male vocals and female vocals!

“Songs of Yesterday”

The heart warming premise is eloquently communicated. And the hook beautifully personifies the heart of the touching theme. It’s a pleasure to hear songs of this caliber. CONGRATULATIONS! I hope we’ll hear more from you in the years ahead. Good luck and keep writing songs! Judges Evaluation Summary – ‘The Great American Song Contest’


“Indie Castle Radio and Web Host Magazine All in one Day!”

I am excited to say that today my song “How will He tell her” was featured on Indie Castle Radio’s web site and I was also chosen for a feature story in Web Host Magazine! You can check out my story in Web host Magazine at Hope you’ll take the time to check it out! Thank you all so much for the continued support with my music.


“Your Support is Out of this World!!”

I have been on ReverbNation about 7 months now, and since then the support has been outstanding! My music has had over 7000 plays, I have reached over 2000 fans with 33 showing up today alone! Have over 3000 comments on my Reverb page & Started a Twitter account 3 1/2 weeks ago and already have 210 Followers! So would say I am off to a great start! I would like to Thank everyone who has taken the time to Support me, listen to my songs, and comment. It is very much appreciated! Hope you will continue on following me on this Adventure! Have a new song coming soon, will let you know when it’s finished at the recording studio in Nashville! Thank you!! ~Sheri

Thank you for your Support!

I would like to Thank all who have taken the time to watch my music videos, commented, and subscribed to my Youtube channel! Your support is very much appreciated! I know it takes time out of your busy day, that’s why I am grateful for those who are willing to take a few moments on my behalf. Thank you so much “You’re Awesome!”