For the past 7 weeks, it has been a very emotional roller coaster ride of emotions.  My Father became very ill and my sister and I took him to the emergency room only to find that Dad had so many medical issues he had to be taken to a hospital that’s several miles away.  Little did I know for 5 1/2 weeks I would be making 100 mile trips to and from the hospital for daily visits to be with dad.   From many test, and surgeries, to infections, dad still managed a smile and was kind to all who he came in contact with.  My father met a very nice man, named “Hank”  in ICU, who was there to be with his brother who’s ICU room was close by.   Hank would spend time with dad in the evenings and they became pretty good friends.  Hank was always so upbeat and positive which is what dad needed, he promised to bring dad a picture of a sunset that he had taken in Africa from his back porch, and he teased dad how someday they would sit on his back porch and watch the sunset.  Hank kept his promise and brought in a beautiful  enlargement of the sunset and even purchased a frame for it to be placed in dad’s hospital room.  Dad was so proud of this picture and Hank’s kindness.  Even though Hank’s brother was moved to another hospital, Hank still stopped in to see Dad and checked on him.  On Easter morning I got a call from the doctors telling me that dad was out of options, that the feeding tubes they placed would never work, and there was nothing more that they could do for dad, so dad was placed on “Comfort Care.”  Dad just had too many things against him, and would never get better.  This broke my heart and after 35 days in the hospital,  dad was now to be placed into a Hospice Care Home even farther away.  On dad’s last day at the hospital, Hank stopped in to see dad and he talked to us, and before he left he grabbed dad and kissed the top of dad’s head and said he’d see him soon.  Little did Hank know, that was his final good bye.  Dad was taken to the Hospice Care Home that late afternoon, and he was only able to communicate fairly well for 1 day then he slowly drifted away, and by day 4 he passed away, on April 2, 2016 at 11:45 pm.

I knew I had to get a message to Hank, so I happened to remember I had his business card, so sent out a message to him telling him of dad’s passing.  I thanked Hank for being so kind with dad, and being such a great friend to the family.  I never heard back so wasn’t sure if he got my message or not.  I  could only hope that I would hear from Hank…..

On April 9, 2016  at 10 am we had Dad’s memorial service, many family and friends came to the service.  And  we placed the beautiful sunset picture that Hank gave to dad at the service next to dad’s closed casket.  During the service I felt bad because I didn’t try calling Hank to tell him about dad’s funeral service, but I thought that maybe Hank was back in Africa.  At the end of the funeral service and just a few of us family were left my sister said, “Sheri, Hank’s here.”   I looked up and there he stood at the end of the chapel, somehow he found out and he came to say his final good-byes.  So this is to show you all that Angels really do exist…  Hank is true to his word, and he promised Dad that he’d be there for us kids, and he  was, and I feel he will continue to be…

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