I am sure one time or another you have wondered about this, who would show up at your memorial service when you die, who really truly cares enough to take the time to speak on your behalf?  How many would sit back in silence because they are too embarrassed to say anything in front of people.  I truly understand because I have been there.  So many memories that you’d love to share but not comfortable speaking in front of people.  But as you grow older, you learn that everyone is there for the same reason, to pay their last respects, to show love and support for the family, but most of all to show Love to the one who was chosen,  to spread their wings and fly. I hope you will listen to my song “Another Place in Time” vocals by Sandi Kight.  May you always carry much Love in your Hearts, and hold on to the Memories, because after all when we go we can only take Memories with us, and that is all that Truly Matters on what we Leave Behind…..Sheri Lynn

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