January 12, 2018

Here we are the start of a New Year, and New Beginnings! Looking back to 2017, we try and see where we’ve been and how much further in this book of life we’ve come, we hope that we can pick up some of the memories and reflect just what we’ve gone through and how we survived another year.

My year has been full of joy, pain and excitement! In March of 2017 my second grandchild Isabella “Bella” was born adding another Blessing to the family. She joins here sister Emma who is now 3 years old, and they make quite a pair, and are working on the sister bond as I write this. Both cute in their own way, and send out much love to all they come in contact with.

I had a bad bout with Bronchitis in March which landed me in the Hospital Emergency room, but was lucky to have a doctor who prescribed all the right things to get me feeling better, took a few weeks, but am thankful I went as what was going on with my health was not getting any better.

Had a few Health issues which lead me to 2 surgeries in August, when a doctor says to you, be prepared for the worse pain of your life, you have to listen, and hope that they are wrong, but in reality you find out they were right, recovering from the 2 surgeries has been a long and painful road, and is life changing with the news of not lifting anything over 10 pounds the rest of my life, never really thought about how much things weighed until now, and it really limits a person more than one would think. But I am slowly adjusting, the hardest part of all this is, I can’t pick up my granddaughters, if I should it can cause problems and undo all the repairs that the doctors fixed.

I have been busy working on a couple more songs that I would like to get recorded this year, so be on the look out for those! I love to see the lyrics come to life with music, and hope I can continue on bringing music to touch lives around the world! If you haven’t taken the time to listen to any of the songs I’ve written, I hope you take the time to do so, as all my songs have a story and carry a message. They are songs of Love, Life and Loss…

Finally, the end of the year brought me another one of the best Memories of all for 2017. I was able to have a Quick hello with one of my all time favorite Country Artist none other than “Travis Tritt!” On this day November 11th in Merced, CA I was able to meet not only Travis Tritt, I also met his son Tristan. Such a wonderful family, a family that shows respect and are grateful to their fans, a day that for me will always be Special. As I recall that night, it always brings a smile to my face and a good feeling in my heart, that such a small act of kindness by Travis Tritt, really marked a day in my life I will never forget!

So, there you go, a year of joy, pain and excitement all wrapped up in 2017! Now on to 2018, what will this New Year bring? Only time will tell, but for all of you reading this blog, I wish you much peace, love and happiness. May your 2018 bring you all you’ve ever dreamed of, go out into the world and make a difference, just give a little of yourself and you will receive more blessings in your life than you ever imagined.

Until next time, sending much Love your way to All…

Love and Happiness, Sheri Lynn

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I wanted to share a story of a little girl who was 6 years old, she was the youngest of 3 children, she had an older brother and sister. Her sister fell very ill to a kidney disease that took the family by surprise, and changed there everyday living. With running to and from doctor’s appointments, and many hospital visits. The fear was always there, but the little girl still hung on to hope, that maybe, just maybe God would make things better someday and they could live a more normal life.

The little girl never really knew that her family was poor, she had a warm home they lived in, clothes on her back, and many were hand me downs or goodwill purchases but still she didn’t realize or see this as being poor. She knew she had family love, and that was all that mattered to her. Her sister got so sick that she was placed in San Francisco Hospital for almost a year, so the family was torn apart by her parents wanting to be there for her sister but her father knowing that the medical bills were soaring, so he had to keep working, so they would go to visit the little girl’s sister on the weekends. In those days siblings weren’t able to go into the rooms, so the little girl and her brother would stay behind with family or a family friend. Life was never easy for the little girl, and she hoped that one-day things would get better.

Christmas rolled around and the little girl overheard her parents talking that Santa was coming to a nearby Town, and she was going to be able to visit Santa! The excitement this little girl felt inside was beyond anything she ever dreamed of, she was really going to get to see Santa! Oh, how wonderful would that be to visit Santa Clause! To tell Santa her Christmas Wishes!

The Little Girl was so excited when the day arrived, as she got into the car and her parents drove to the town nearby, her heart was racing, she had a smile from ear to ear, which felt so good as she felt she had enough sadness going on in her life that it was time for a little happiness, but somehow, she still felt a little guilty too, her sister was sick and all she wanted was for the family to get back to the way things were.

As the car pulled up to this hall where Santa was going to be handing out Christmas Gifts, the little girls heart began to race with happiness yet nervousness too. How will Santa know that the little girl was there, Will Santa call her name, the little girl thought? She sat there as each child was called one by one to the stage where Santa was handing out beautifully wrapped presents for all the children. Finally, Santa called the little girl up on stage by name, as she walked up to see Santa, her brown eyes got bigger and bigger, what will Santa choose? As Santa reached down for a package, that she thought was huge, after all kids always think the bigger the present, the better the gift! She thanked Santa, and slowly walked back to where her parents were sitting. She sat there wondering, “What can this be?”

On Christmas morning the little girl couldn’t wait to see what Santa had given her, as she pulled back the Christmas wrap there was this beautiful Bride doll, the little girl thought that the doll was too nice to play with, she didn’t want anything to happen to it, as it truly was a Special gift from Santa. So, the little girl, kept it close by the bed, she put the doll on a shelf so that nobody could mess with her doll.
As the little girl grew up, the doll became more special to her, she learned a powerful lesson that day. Little did she know that the only children who got to attend events such as this Santa give away, were those who were underprivileged those whose parents were struggling to give their children a Christmas. So, the little girl grew up with learning a lesson that giving is a much greater gift than receiving. To see a child’s eyes, light up where it would not otherwise. To open her eyes and look around, and do something special whenever humanly possible all year long.

To let you in on the story, that Little Girl was me. And Yes, I still have that doll many years later.   It’s only one story of a Christmas lesson I have learn and needed to share. The world has gotten so materialistic over the years, but the most important gift you can give anyone is the gift of your time, your love, and look around to see who you can help in their time of need. The other day the Police were standing outside of a Target Department store collecting toys for underprivileged children, and as I placed a couple of toys in the cart, one being a brand-new doll the tears fell down my cheeks as I walked to the car, that my only hope is I made someone’s Christmas this year…

“May God Bless you all this Christmas”
With Love, Sheri Lynn


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September 1, 2017

Today I thought its about time to write another Blog entry, it’s been way too long, since my last entry, and would like to be more consistent with sharing about my songwriting.  Today I want to share the newest song I wrote titled “Daddy I’m Right Here.” This is a song that was written to hopefully open eyes of busy parents who don’t take the time with their children and see how everyday life affects them emotionally.

The song is about a young girl, who waits by the window for her father to get home from work, the father walks in and has so much on his mind from the day, he doesn’t even see her. This goes on year after year, and the girl grows up thinking it was all her fault.  She spent many of nights wondering was it her, did she do something wrong?  But in reality it wasn’t, it was just a busy father who had too much on his mind to even notice, his daughter was hurting inside.

She grows up, and looks back on life, daddy doesn’t seem to realize that she never got to be daddy’s little girl, but mama’s sunshine instead.  The emptiness she feels inside, because she feels she never really got to know her father.   Now looking back was it really her fault?  But now with children of her own she must go on, and make for the best for her little girls, because she never wants them to feel the way she did growing up.

My hope is to open eyes of many mothers and fathers out in the world to see that they need to take time with their children, even if only for a moment when they walk in the door can make a world of difference, still sitting down as a family eating dinner and showing them your undivided attention, and asking how their day went.  Truly showing that you care, because you don’t want your children feeling like this little girl, growing up thinking it’s all their fault.

So in closing I hope you’ll take the time to listen to “Daddy I’m Right Here” with vocals by Sandi Kight. I hope if you enjoy the song you will pass it along for others to hear, because I feel if it can open the eyes of just one mother or father, this song will have made a difference.  Thank you…

Much Love, Sheri Lynn

P.S. Here is the song “Daddy I’m Right Here”


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This song was written in August 2014 when my father became very ill.  He was someone that did not have faith in doctors, so stayed away from them, and I must say it is probably what helped him to live longer in the long run.

With not knowing what was going on with my father’s health and knowing whatever was going on really was serious, I was sitting and wondering one day, how will I get through this when he goes?    How will he say good-bye?  My sister and I spent time daily checking on him, and making sure he had his meals and was eating, but dad’s breathing was labored and he was weak.  I would ask dad if I could take him to the doctor being it was obvious that something very serious was wrong with his health, but he would just say, “Not yet, there’s nothing they can do.”

One August morning I woke up and these song lyrics were coming to me, so I got up and wrote them down.  I read them over and over again, and thought I need to do something with this, I need to get this recorded, so that if something should happen to dad, I would have something to play at any service we may have for him.  Even though I knew my father loved me by his actions, I never heard him say the words.    I was looking through an American Songwriter magazine and it fell next to me and there was this ad from Aerugo Productions, so I quickly emailed and asked how quickly he could get this song recorded and back to me, that my father was very ill and I needed it  ASAP.  William the owner of Aerugo Productions wrote me back and said, he would talk to his other clients to see if they would let me go ahead of them to get this song finished in time.  The song was recorded and emailed back to me in 21 days.

Dad remained very sick for a couple of months, but by the Grace of God, dad was granted a little more time.  Not saying he didn’t have several bouts of whatever was going on with his health, he did.  When writing the song “How will He Tell Her” I always knew in dad’s eyes no matter how old I got, I would always be his little girl.  While writing the song, the tears began to fall.  Some how I knew the day would come and there would be no more tomorrows for dad.  Then on February 23, 2016 my father got so weak and sick, we could no longer abide by his pleas to not seek help.  I stood next to him pleading and asking him to let us take him to the hospital, and he just said, “No, not yet.”  I explained to him that we could get in trouble for elder abuse if he didn’t go, he still asked, “Wait a  little longer.”  After several family members talked with dad, he knew he was out numbered and finally said he would go.  We got him into the car and when we arrived at the hospital, it was the beginning, of the very near end.

Dad was transferred to the City to where there were specialist  to care for him.  He had surgeries, test after test, infections, breathing treatments, blood transfusions, and all that was keeping him alive was a TPN drip in his IV, but through all this he laid there in that hospital bed, able to talk, to smile and not once did he talk about dying,  he tried and fought so hard through it all, to keep on going.

Finally after 5 weeks in the hospital,  dad was transferred to the Hospice Home, where he spent his final 4 days.  So how did “We” say good-bye?  Our last words went like this.  I arrived to see dad on Thursday morning, when I walked in his room I said, “Hi dad.”  Dad opened his eyes and smiled and reached his hand out to me, so I held his hand.   He then said, “Your hand is cold.” And I said, “Your hand is so warm”.  As his hand was so warm to the touch.  Then l said, “You know what they say dad, cold hands warm heart.”  Dad opened his eyes one last time and smiled and said, “That’s right.”  Those were our final words, he died 2 days later on April 2, 2016……

We never know when our last words will be spoken to those we love, or how we will say good-bye, but it’s what we hold in our hearts and the memories we make, that truly matters…

With Love,  Sheri Lynn

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Hello Everyone,  first off Happy New Year to everyone! Here’s to a Healthy Happy 2017 to all!  I decided to give you an inside look at what inspired me to write a song, and how the song came about.  My plan is to do this each month on a different song, so today  I have chosen the song “Songs of Yesterday.”

“Songs of Yesterday” was the second song that I wrote when I started this journey back in 2014.  To date this song remains the all time favorite among the many fans of my music.  The thoughts behind this song are, looking back to spending time with family, sharing the love of music together.  It’s not that I lived what the lyrics are in this song, but while writing this song I was able to visualize it, so the words came freely to tell the story.

I have always been inspired by the songs recorded by George Strait, George Jones as well as many other Traditional Country Legends.  So decided to include George Strait being he’s always been my all time favorite country singing artist.

I entered Songs of Yesterday into “The Great American Songwriting Competition” in Portland, OR and became a finalist in the 2015 competition.  The judges encouraged me to continue on with my songwriting, as they felt I had a gift for songwriting.  So these few words of encouragement have kept this journey going.

I truly feel that as long as this little voice inside my head keeps telling me, “Don’t stop, you’ve got more lives to touch and more love to share.” I will continue on with this chapter of my life, and must say it has been one awesome ride!  From all the wonderful people I have met along the way!

I hope that you will continue on supporting my music, and I will be adding more songs this year so hope that you will continue on checking in from time to time, please join me on Twitter at @sheri_lynn95252 for the latest updates or here on my web page.

Thank you again for all your support and love you’ve shown it truly is appreciated.

With Love, Sheri Lynn

P.S. Here’s my “Songs of Yesterday” YouTube video

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December 25, 2016

I would like to Thank all who have taken the time to listen to my music and have shown me support by sharing my music too.  I released my first Album this past September and for all those who have taken the time to purchase the album or a song or two, I Thank you!

A Special Thank you to Indie Country Radio for playing my songs, so Thank you Brenda Corbin, Tim Kelly, Pam Jackson, and Kicking Eagle for all you do, with making Indie Country Radio the best!  I can see why you’re Nashville Universe Radio Network of the Year!

Thank you to ALL my Twitter Followers, Reverbnation Followers, Numberonemusic Followers, and Facebook Friends for all your kind words and support.

I would like to take this time to say “Merry Christmas to you all, may you receive many Blessings this Christmas and may the New Year bring you all Good Health, Love and Happiness…”

Love you All,  Sheri Lynn


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November 15, 2016

For those of you who haven’t heard yet I have released a new song recently titled “Kisses in the Wind” this song was written with a lot of emotion and passion to keep a loved ones memory alive after they’re  gone,  We always want to find that one thing that can help us to bring back a memory, something special and something that holds us close no matter where we are or how long this loved one has been gone.    I felt something as simple as the soft breeze that touches against your face is something that’s simple and we all experience.  To stop and reflect on life and loss it’s never easy, but it’s something that we all go through.

So the next time you’re missing that someone special and you reflect look to the sky and may you feelKisses in the Wind.”  May it bring comfort to you knowing that even though you can’t see them, there spirit does live on.

Please take the time to listen to “Kisses in the Wind” I would love to know what you think of my latest song, it would be very much appreciated, you can find it here on my website at sheri-lynn.net or http://www.reverbnation.com/sherilynn  http://nlm.co/sherilynnsongwriter

I am in the process of putting together a new YouTube video too, so hope that you will check it out once I release it.  I would like to thank all those who have taken the time to listen, to support and comment on my music and to all those who have purchased my latest Album I released in September.  Thank you so much!

Till next time sending, Love and Happiness Always~ Sheri Lynn


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Hello Everyone!

I am excited to share with you that I have released my very first Album titled “Songs of Yesterday” on Cd Baby, and it will also be available on other outlets such as iTunes, Amazon etc. in the near future!  I hope that you will drop by and check it out, leave a comment, purchase a song or two or even the whole album!

I was getting a great response from NumberOneMusic fans asking where they could buy my music, and after telling everyone it wasn’t on iTunes yet, I decided it was time to make it available!  This CD is a download, and you can purchase either a song or two, or the whole album if interested!  It’s affordable at .99 cent for a song download or $9.99 for the full 12 song album!  I would love all the continued love and support, and another way you can support my music is even stopping by and placing a comment on my page on Cd Baby where my music is posted!  It would be very much appreciated!

Thank you very much for all your wonderful support as I travel through this journey of writing songs, touching lives through music.

Keep an eye out and stay tuned for my newest song coming out next month titled “Kisses in the Wind”.  Till then…

Sending much Love, Sheri Lynn

sherilynn12Purchase Songs Here http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/sherilynn12

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September 7, 2016

I just wanted to let you all know that I am in the works of putting out an album with 12  songs I’ve written to be available on iTunes in the near future.  I have had several request for my music, so decided to make it available on iTunes!  For all of you who have enjoyed and supported my music, I would like to Thank you for all your support and hope you’ll continue on checking in as I add new songs to my website, my Reverbnation page and NumberOneMusic page!  I also have a new song coming out next month, so lots of exciting things going on!  My song “Times Like These” is #1 on the N1M charts and “Have you set me Free” sits in the #2 spot for Traditional Country, for Global, National and Local!  So Thank you for your support I am truly grateful.  When I find out when the album is available I will let you know, until then may you always find the music that makes your Heart Happy… ~Sheri Lynn

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